Author: Frans Betgem

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival Then and Now (1)

Who doesn’t like old pictures of Chiang Mai? Of the Songkran festival (in Thai: ประเพณีสงกรานต์) there are many pictures to be found online but what story do they tell? Most of the black and...

Wat Ku Tao 1950

Wat Ku Tao, the Shan Temple

Wat Ku Tao, the Shan Temple Wat Ku Tao aka Wat Weruwanaramwiharn is a Buddhist temple in Tambon Sriphum in Chiang Mai, next to the municipal stadium. “Weruwan Wiharn” means temple building in the...

Ox cart picture of Nick DeWolf

Ox carts Then and Now

In the past ox carts were a familiar sight in the streets of Chiang Mai. They were of course widely used in rural areas but they also transported goods from the railway station and...