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Chiang Mai is the political and economic center of North Thailand. The city was founded in 1292. It was the capital of a kingdom that was later on called Lanna, literally meaning “one hundred thousand rice fields”.  It was occupied by the Burmese from 1558 until 1774. The Burmese occupation and the wars following it left the city in ruins and depopulated. Under King Kawila the city started the recovery to its former glory. Chiang Mai gradually became integrated in the new nationstate Siam in the early 20th century. The arrival of the railroad in 1922 changed the city.

Wooden church first Christian Church

The First Christian Church

Daniel McGilvary and the First Church Reverend Daniel McGilvary and his family arrived in Chiang Mai in 1867. The American missionary family traveled from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by boat, which took three months. Reverend...

British Consulate outside

The Chiang Mai British Consulate

The Service 1921 Restaurant and Bar of the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort once was the Chiang Mai British Consulate. The first consulate building was constructed on this plot of land of seven rai, a...

The New Chansom Memorial Bridge Chiang Mai Then and Now

The new Chansom Memorial Bridge

Reconstruction of a Chiang Mai Landmark History of the bridges over the Ping River The Chansom Memorial Bridge, one of the landmarks of Chiang Mai, has been reconstructed. Opening of the new bridge took...