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Lampang, also called Nakhon Lampang to differentiate from the Province of the same name, is the third largest town in northern Thailand and capital of the Province and district of the same name. Traditional names for Lampang include Wiang Lakon and Khelang Nakhon. The city is a trading and transportation center. Lampang is in the valley of the Wang River, bordered by the Khun Tan Range on the west and the Phi Pan Nam Range on the east. The river, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya, flows through the city. The city lies mainly on the south side of the Wang River, although the old parts of the city had been originally developed in the north side of it. Nowadays, the city has grown in the southeast of the river along Bunyawat and Pahon Yothin Roads. For many years the city was the polical and economic center of North Thailand until Chiang Mai took over. It attracts far less tourists than Chiang Mai but has many attractions and great atmosphere.

Rachadapisek Bridge with teak

The Ratchadapisek Bridge in Lampang

The most beautiful bridge of North Thailand History of the Rachadapisek Bridge The iconic Ratchadapisek Bridge in Lampang crosses the Wang River. It is also known as Ratchada or White Bridge. At this location,...