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Phrae is a town in northern Thailand, capital of the province of the same name. The town is located on the Yom River, at an elevation of 159 metres. The town is mostly built on the east side of the river, but some outlying parts are built on the west side of the river and are connected to the main part by bridges. There are hills both to the east and west of the town; the Phlueng Range to the east are higher, reaching about 800 metres above sea level, whereas the Phi Pan Nam Range to the west are about 500 metres above sea level. Phrae has an interesting history. The town has old, well preserved city walls and a number of pretty temples. Phrae has missionary history and once was a major center of the teak logging industry. It attracts mostly local tourists and it is really worth a visit.

The Missionary Houses in Phrae

The derelict missionary house This missionary house is one of two remaining houses in Phrae. The house is one the grounds of the Phrae Christian Hospital, 7 Yantrakit Kosol Road. The other house is...