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Two men and one woman Trip to Doi Suthep

Bill and Sarah Streatfeild with Frans in Chiang Mai

Travel Stories

Personal experiences

These are my personal travel stories. I have traveled a lot in the time I have lived and worked in Southeast Asia. Over time I felt the urge to write down my experiences. Coupled with my historical research I hope you enjoy them. I have tried to find the right balance between text and pictures. Most travel stories have too much text and not enough images.

Southeast Asia

From the moment I arrived in Bangkok in November 1987, I have felt at home in Southeast Asia. It was almost like I had been here before. Southeast Asia was made for me. I felt like a fish in water. The temperature, the smells, the atmosphere, the food, and the people: it was love at first sight. I am not a religious person in the purse sense of the word. However, I think we all are at least a little bit religious.

Travel and History

Travel and history are two of my passions in life. Passion is something you either have or you don’t have. You can’t teach people passion but you help them find it. I can’t imagine doing something well without having a passion for it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my travel stories. By the way, my other passions in life are music and cycling. You will see quite a few pictures of me on the bicycle. I often make selfies with my bicycle helmet on.

Foreigner with Muslim women Deep South of Thailand

Travel to the Deep South of Thailand in 2021

Travel to the Deep South of Thailand in 2021 In 2004 the long-running conflict between the Thai government and the Muslim population flared up with the incidents at the Krue Se Mosque (Pattani province)...

Central Mosque of the City Pattani in South Thailand

Exploring the Deep South of Thailand

Introduction Having lived in Chiang Mai already for more than 20 years, I do not often travel to South Thailand. If I do, I usually don’t go further south than Nakhon Si Thammarat. I...