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The National Museum in Songkhla

Thailand History

The category Thailand History includes all the stories and blogs about the history of Thailand apart from the history of Chiang Mai. Although this all started with my interest in the history of Chiang Mai, I quickly realized that my interest is much broader than that. My interest is also not limited to the history of North Thailand.

Travel and history

I started the website Travel and History because I wanted an outlet for articles that are not related to tours necessarily. I also was very much interested in travel advisories, general travel stories, and the history of southeast Asia. The pandemic has stopped me from traveling outside Thailand so it is now more limited than before.

South Thailand

I have also become interested in the Deep South of Thailand in 2018. Since then I have traveled to Songkhla, Yala, Narathiwat, and Pattani provinces five times. It is a very interesting area with a lot of history. I enjoyed hardly meeting anyone in the Deep South. That made it an almost exclusive experience.

Phuket and the history of tin mining

Through circumstances, I got involved in research in the history of the tin mining industry in Yala province. That also raised my interest in Phuket, Takua Pa, and Ranong places that are not too far from Anurak Lodge. I am one of the owners of Anurak Lodge so I go there quite often. I have a number of reports of tours, made by British consuls in the 1930s.

View on a river and a city

Old aerial photography of Thailand

The first aerial photographs of Bangkok I would like to share some fantastic old aerial photography of Thailand on this page. Steve Darke, the founder of the Thai Aviation website, sent these five pictures...

Wat Chedi Luang Chiang Saen history

Chiang Saen: some notes on the history

Some notes on Chiang Saen History Chiang Saen has a very interesting history.I have visited Chiang Saen Historical Park several times over the past few years and I keep going back there. It is...

old picture Wat Phumin Nan

WAR Wood travels to Phre and Nan in 1919

Introduction William Alfred Rae Wood was British consul in Chiang Mai from 1913 until 1931. In January 1919 he undertook a consular tour to Phre (Phrae) and Nan. Below is the full report he...

Charoensawas Bridge 36

Charoensawas Bridge 36 The Charoensawas Bridge 36 is a bridge across the Padung Krung Kasem canal that runs parallel to the railway close to Hualampong Railwaystation. The bridge gives access to the Matrichit intersection...

Rachadapisek Bridge with teak

The Ratchadapisek Bridge in Lampang

The most beautiful bridge of North Thailand History of the Rachadapisek Bridge The iconic Ratchadapisek Bridge in Lampang crosses the Wang River. It is also known as Ratchada or White Bridge. At this location,...

The Missionary Houses in Phrae

The derelict missionary house This missionary house is one of two remaining houses in Phrae. The house is one the grounds of the Phrae Christian Hospital, 7 Yantrakit Kosol Road. The other house is...